Uncut: Who Are You Talking to in Your Marketing? This Will Dictate Who You're Attracting

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What’s happening, guys? How you doing? Haven’t knocked out one of these for a little while, so I thought I'd jump on and say a quick few words that are sort of echoing in my head at the moment. And hopefully, a couple of you guys are gonna get some value out of this.

So, yeah, just going for a bit of a cruise in my local botanical garden—always very, very peaceful here. I'll show you guys around.

Always nice. Always just very relaxing. I find I do some very positive thinking around this time of day. It's sort of 3-4 pm my time, and we're heading into autumn at the moment, so the sun's setting through the trees. It’s really nice.

Common Mistake in Marketing

Anyway, for any marketer now, it doesn’t matter if you’re a coach or course creator or you've just got some form of audience there as well. One thing that I see is a relatively common mistake for a lot of you, is you’re not really speaking to the problems of your ideal audience.

And so, let me give you guys a bit of a story. Back when I was running my agency, I ran Facebook ads for local businesses doing lead generation stuff. And so part of the training that I used to go through way back in the day, probably back in 2013 actually, to learn about Facebook ads and all that type of stuff—13-14 actually—would have been going into a client avatar.

Filling Out the Client Avatar Worksheet

You know, you fill out the little worksheet and it says he or she is this demographic and they live in this location and they earn this much cash and they look like this and they dress like that and they have these psychographic traits, and then you go and find those people.

And it worked because you could hyper-target—especially with Facebook and Instagram ads, right? You could hyper-target. But eventually, that type of marketing gets a little bit watered down because you're effectively only going after the sort of like 3% of the market that are ready, willing, and able to buy now, so to speak.

So eventually, I had to start thinking a little bit broader. And I noticed this with organic marketing where what I started to take note of is that all my clientele is different, right?

Catering to Different Clientele

I could have a student who's an affiliate, for example, and they're at the zero part, and they're just wanting to start making a few sales, a few high-ticket sales, but they live wherever, right? Miles and miles away. And there is no one thing between my affiliates and my students that is exactly the same they’re all uniquely different. They all have different problems and different things happening in their lives.

And I started realizing that the whole avatar worksheet thing is not bollocks; it still has its place. But I think what you really need to hone in on—and where I'm going with all this—is that instead of thinking about, okay, this is the ideal person and you, I've got them in my mind and it’s Sally, and she's six foot eight and she lives in this place and blah, blah. I think instead you want to look at what the common problems are and the common goals, and I think that will serve you way, way better than looking at all that other stuff.

Identifying Common Problems and Goals

Because the common problems, common goals aren’t going to be too dissimilar. For example, most people, if they are getting into affiliate marketing, into coaching, things like that, there’s some sort of mythical figure we’ve created.

“It's the $10,000 per month mark. It’s pretty good, right? It’s job-busting income, blah, blah, blah. Super doable as well.”

I will never ever state that it’s easy, but it is super doable to hit those types of figures.

But you know, it’s become almost like this mythical creature at this point, right? Like, go and hit ten k per month. Cool. What do I do when I’m there?

I don’t know. Scale to 50k per month. Okay, fine. But the point is that the problems at those levels are going to be the same, and therefore the avatar is going to be very similar. Doesn’t matter if it’s male or female, all that type of stuff, right?

Aligning with Your Audience’s Pain Points

Meaning that people, they don’t know how to make that type of cash, and they are looking for something to do. And the pain points that you’re talking to are going to be very, very similar. Conversely, the wants and the dreams and the hopes are going to be really, really similar as well. They want to leave their job, typically speaking. They want to make some extra income on the side. They want to pay for their mortgage, they want to pay for their children’s education, they want to pay for holidays, things like that.

And even not all that stuff, you know, sometimes just the want of that, because there’s a deep reason for them to go and want that. We all have it, right? There was a reason. Like, it’s a pain point for me, moving away from where I was, towards where I’m heading, right?

I’m no different. And so what I’m trying to get at here is that if you start to talk to those pain points of your marketplace, you talk to why they want to leave that job.

If that’s your target demographic, then speak to that. You know, you’ll never get out of your crappy job if you don’t get off your hands. Now, a little word of caution, I would say, about saying things like that, mildly polarizing to be fair, but on the other side of that as well, well, you’re also talking to beginners.

Speaking to Different Experience Levels

Now there’s nothing wrong with beginners if that’s your target market. I have an affiliate offer to program $115, $500 for both beginners and advanced affiliate marketers and coaches called the Ultimate Marketing Mastermind. And so therefore, at this very point in time, as I’m transitioning part of my audience, it means that I have to become a little bit more conscious about speaking to different people.

Because my back-end coaching, it’s called the Sanctum of Success. And that is designed for coaches, advanced affiliates, people with an audience. I’ve got folks that just have an audience, things like that, even offline businesses—probably help those folks as well, to be honest. And that’s designed for people with motion, with traction, right?

So they are already at sort of 3 to 5k per month and they’re looking to scale to 10 to 20. So therefore, as part of my transition to transition my audience, I also have to be conscious of me transitioning the way that I’m communicating in my content.

So I need to talk about things like, hey, you’re making great income, but you’re finding that it’s been capped out for a little while now, and it feels like the harder you work, the less growth you’re seeing in your business and it’s driving you mental. And every time you think you’re going to solve it, you end up facing a brick wall.

Overcoming Roadblocks in Business

Now, interestingly, this is a journey that I’ve actually been through myself. This is what happens when you grow and you need to grow your business, right? You end up hitting roadblocks and you need to resolve them. You need to either get the mentoring and the help and the condensed time it will take to get the results you desire through that type of mechanism—mentoring, coaching, etc.—or you just figure it out yourself. I know what I’d prefer. Right?

So hence why I've dived into a couple of different mentoring things recently. So therefore, I have to solve these problems for my own business to then feel qualified to be able to speak to those problems for other people.

Reflecting on Your Own Journey

So the point of all this stuff, once again, let’s recap—oh, hello, friend. Hello. You have very funny feathers and my foot is not edible. You cannot eat it. I think he likes me. Hello, friend.

Come here. Come say hi to the people.

Anyway, he’s out of control, mate. Anyway, where was I? Yes. So to recap, I gave this advice to someone a while back. They couldn’t understand the advice and then they publicly branded it around like it was bad advice. And at the time I was going through a bit of a mindset issue, and so I didn’t have the confidence to tell them to go fly a kite. But I really wish I had now because it is amazing advice if you can actually hear it.

The Simple but Powerful Advice

And the advice is really simple. It’s that if you’re getting stuck with where you’re at, if you’re getting stuck with who to talk to and how to talk to folks in your content, reflect on your own journey, right? Because you would have had to have gone through these things yourself in order to know what it feels like to be able to solve them for someone else.

And so if you do that and you think back and go, okay, well, where was I six months ago? Where was I three months ago? Where was I nine months ago? Then you’re going to have those answers. And so then when you start speaking to that in your content, as you evolve, as you develop as a coach, marketer, person, whatever, then you’re going to start to attract those people that are further along the ladder.

One of the mistakes that we all make, self included, is to still talk to the people, the clients that you’ve outgrown, right? You’ve gone way too far in this journey and you’re still trying to talk to people way back there right now. There’s nothing wrong if that is your client avatar, but if you’re trying to maximize your income and where you’re heading, then you need to start talking a slightly different language to the people that are just behind you—just a little bit behind you. Right?


That’s my advice. Follow your own journey. Think about what you felt at that time. Follow your own journey. Right? That’s it. Hopefully, you guys got some value. Drop a comment. Love to hear your thoughts below. And if you haven’t already, feel free to subscribe.

These are about as edited as my content gets. Alright, have a good one, guys. Cheers.

Feel free to share your journey and what you’ve learned. It’s all about growth and helping each other out!

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