Jamie gardiner and his wife renatha

Jamie Gardiner & his wife Renatha on holiday


I Jest....

Hey awesome human...

Welcome to my li'l corner of the world.

Here's a 7+ year old photo of me & my lovely wife looking trimmer than I am now
and less...Umm, 'weathered.'

Renatha on the other hand, hasn't changed a bit (love you. Not that she'll ever read this).

I'll cut straight to it. I'm guessing you don't need the chonky intro or my rags to riches story in living detail? 

I show affiliates and coaches how to grow and scale their business online. Kind of decent at it too if I do say so myself. 

Here's a snapshot of my pathway....

  • 2011 Started affiliate marketing by setting up financial markets blogs
  • 2012 Got into CPA marketing and lead generation
  • 2013 Setup Facebook fan pages when they were a thing for affiliate offers
  • 2014 Broke, in debt and jobless
  • 2014-2015 Got into ecommerce, created multiple eCommerce stores and ran ads across every concievable platform there is out there. 
  • 2015 Bankrupt
  • 2016 More eCommerce
  • 2016 Did Ebay arbitrage
  • 2017 Started an ad agency specialising in lead generation for local business.
  • 2017 Quit the workforce
  • 2018 After failing for years, finally started getting some traction
  • 2018 Started my Facebook group to document what I was learning 
  • 2019 Broke again. Major agency I was working with pulled their marketing. I was stuck and clientless
  • 2019 Pivoted my business to push more into affiliate marketing
  • 2019 Was almost going to quit and go back to work
  • 2019 Discovered high ticket affiliate marketing
  • 2019 Had my lightbulb moment and made my first $1,000 commission in just 7 days after implementing
  • 2019 Teamed up with two legends and unveiled the Super Affiliate Accelerator
  • 2019 First $10k month
  • 2020 First $20,000 month
  • 2020 First $10,000+ day
  • 2021 Won the Clickfunnels 2 Comma Club Award for surpassing a million dollars in revenue through a single funnel
  • 2021 Multiple product launches
  • 2021 First $30,000+ month
  • 2022 First $40,000+ month
  • 2022 Over 900 students
    • Hundreds of success stories
    • Hundreds of students leaving their jobs to pursue an online career full time
    • Students scaling to $50k+ months
    • Dozens of 1-1 students smashing their goals and building highly successful, fulfilling businesses.
  • Handed up multiple awards to student for surpassing $10k, $20k and $50k in earnings since locking arms with me. 
  • Yada yada yada..
Jamie gardiner 2 comma club award winner

Happier than a pig in muck with my 2CC award

It's been one heck of a ride and I'm honoured to be able to serve so many amazing students....

This blog was setup as a way to provide value, give back and help folks grow their businesses. 

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Thanks for stopping by!