'The Lost Ark' Blueprint For Filling Your Pipeline With Hungry Buyers In Minutes

What's going on, guys? How you doing, everyone? Thank you very much for joining me. I haven't done one of these for a little while in my Facebook group. Obviously with meta now removing the ability to stream into groups via third-party app, it's a little bit tricky, but we're gonna persevere.

So basically, the alternative is sending it off to YouTube, LinkedIn, or one of my Facebook pages as well. But get around, smash the heart button or the like or whatever, drop a comment, let me know you're here—hashtag live if you're on the live, hashtag replay if you're playing catch up—and I'll rock and roll in a little moment. I've got some really, really cool stuff to present to you guys that is basically going to help rapidly increase the value of your sales pipeline. Okay.

Now, this is going to be prevalent if you are a service-based business, if you are a marketer, if you're an affiliate marketer, if you've got your own courses and coaching, all that type of stuff. Kevin, how you doing? Thank you so much for dropping in. Appreciate it. Welcome to the fray.

Getting Started with The Lost Ark Process

I'm just going to give it a little minute or two and see who we can get to rock and roll with this thing. Like I said, a little bit of a tricky workaround at the moment. I'd love to just stream directly into the group, but in order for me to get to a few different places at once, I have to kind of be everywhere. So there you go. How are you guys doing? Any wins to report? Any good things that have happened?

The Urgency of Getting in Now

Before we dive into the main content, I have a quick, blatant pitch—bear with me! I'm ramping things up in my world, and what that means is that the investment to get into a lot of my things, my courses, my programs, things are going up at the end of June. So if you're on the fence, now is a great time to dive in.

Leveraging Technology

Connecting... okay, looks like we are good to go. I always have to make sure I'm actually streaming to all places that I'm meant to be streaming. Technology, you gotta love it when it works. Keep smashing those comments, guys—the more, the merrier. Check out the doc if you're interested in what I'm up to.

Some Background Info

For those of you that don't know me, my name is Jamie Gardner. I basically teach folks how to become Facebook—or in a broader sense, other platforms as well—organic marketers. This means you don't need ads to find and attract clients. My business has massively evolved over the years. I was taking sales calls for a very long time, and I still do have a call funnel for my affiliate offer, but it's not in use much these days.

I started looking at different ways to acquire clients. I've since developed a couple of things along the way as well. Now, why is this relevant to you? Because what I mainly do now is look for the folks in my audience that have buyer intent.

The Lost Ark Process: Intent and High-Ticket Sales

So what does buyer intent mean? It's about looking for folks who are hand-raisers or those with whom we've had discussions going back and forth for a while. In doing so, it allows me to then close high-ticket sales without the need to sell by phone, which is kind of cool.

With that said, today's presentation is going to be a simple way to get your offer in front of more folks.

The Real Disconnect

One of the big missing pieces for folks is that they don't have their offers out in the world. They're aiming for ten k per month but haven't put their offers in front of anyone. The reality is you're not going to hit a 100% strike rate with your leads to closing anyway, right? So let's assume it's more like 20-30% or say, even 50%. To hit ten k per month, you would need at least $20,000 worth of offers out there in the world to hit that figure.

A lot of time when I'm speaking to clients, they either don't have offers out there or have only $2,000 worth of offers and wonder why they're not hitting their goals. You need to get eyeballs on your offer in order to sell. We all understand that we won't hit a 100% strike ratio, but we need to have a reality check about what those ratios look like for us.

The Simplicity of the Lost Ark Process

I'm going to share my screen and go through some cool stuff. This process is unbelievably simple, and because it's so simple, a lot of you might dismiss it. But, I assure you, it's powerful. I call this the "Lost Ark" process.

So, why did I name it that? I was thinking about my dad, who is soon going to go in for hip surgery. He often reminds me of Harrison Ford—similar facial structure and all. This got me thinking about Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark. What does an arc do? It takes you from one place to another. This process will take you from no sales in your pipeline to a thriving pipeline.

Occam's Razor: The Simplest Option

I would challenge you to consider one of my favorite philosophical principles, Occam's Razor. The simplest option is often the best. What happens with many marketers is that they get in a big jumble because they think they need a complex, 85-step funnel to close clients. The reality is, as Occam's Razor states, the simplest option is often the best. But because we're searching for something different, we often overlook the simplest option.

Making Big Offers with Small Steps

Let's answer the burning question: how do I smash out $144K worth of offers in under 27 minutes? Was it my incredible talent and charm? Yes, but no, just kidding. It wasn't about special talent or a complex process. It was about making a bold offer using the simplest strategy.

I threw out a $12,000 offer. Using simple math, $12k times 12 makes $144K. I was looking for an apprentice to help build their business up to $100,000. This big, bold offer worked well. On the next day, I did the same thing and got it in front of another three people, making the total value $180K in offers out to my audience.

The Reality Check

Not everything you put out into the world is going to work perfectly each time. If you made a concerted effort to put $18,000 worth of business out there by the end of this month, you could see conversions. Remember, having $20,000 to $100,000 of offers out there increases your likelihood of closing business.

The Two-Part Strategy

This strategy is two-fold. It's not for the faint of heart, and you have to summon some mojo. If you are scared of sending a few DMs to people, business might not be for you. There are other ways, like writing blogs, but these take time and levels of complexity. I'd rather throw an offer doc in front of someone or do a live presentation.

Targeting Warm Prospects

Who have you had positive conversations with and who do you believe you can help? They don't need to be long-term conversations; just people you think are ready to move forward.

Icebreaker-Pivot-Pitch (IPP) Framework

  1. Icebreaker: Break the ice by referring to something personal you discussed earlier.

  2. Pivot: Transition to the topic you want to discuss.

    • "Hey, I've just picked something up and thought it might be of interest to you if you're open to it."

  3. Pitch: Make your offer.

    • "I'm putting together a small group to help avoid the biggest pain/achieve the biggest desire. Would it be completely ridiculous to check it out?"

When someone feels emotionally safe to say no, they are more likely to say yes.

Cool and Detached

The energy behind this framework is massive. If you ask if they are interested, they have the choice to say yes or no, and it feels less like a high-pressure sales pitch.

"Audience, value, offers, follow-up. That’s literally the entire game.” - Jamie Gardner

Post and Offer (PnO) Strategy

This is my second strategy. Post and Offer is a straightforward, two-step method to get your offer out there.

  1. Create a Post: Write an enchanting post that appeals to your target market's desires and pain points. Example: "Free guide shows the four phases I use to hit 50k months organically. Who wants it?"

  1. Send the Offer: Literally send a follow-up message with your offer. Example: "Thanks for dropping in on my post. Here's the info I promised. Let me know if you have any questions."

For high-ticket items, follow up with a more structured message about when they plan to check it out. For lower-ticket items, increase your automation and let them explore on their own.

The Fundamental Game: Audience, Value, Offers, Follow-up

This entire game revolves around these basic pillars. The mechanics might change, but the fundamentals remain the same.

  1. Audience: Where and how are you building your audience?

  2. Value: Add value through insights, solutions, and engagement.

  3. Offers: Make clear, compelling offers.

  4. Follow-up: Consistent follow-up to close the deal.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes you have to do the uncomfortable, like sending DMs, to avoid being stuck in a job forever. The choice is clear. Either you do the few things that make you uncomfortable now, or you keep doing a lot of things that make you uncomfortable later, like working a 9-5 job.

Go check out the presentation. Use these structures in your business. Don't miss the opportunity to grab the bundle for June—the first ten folks will save $72.

If you have any questions, let me know. And once again, I really appreciate you guys tuning in. Have a great day!

This guide was made possible by Jamie Gardner. If you found it helpful, be sure to share it and help get the message out to more folks.

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